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Civil Laws Pertaining To Gender Discriminations | Civil-Attorneys.org

Civil Laws Pertaining To Gender Discriminations

Any activity in which gender or sex-based discrimination toward or against a person is apparent in cases of education, employment, equal pay, fair housing and other settings is against the civil law. Gender discrimination can be both positive and negative. Merit-based discrimination is allowed in the academic and the professional world but this differentiation must not be confused with gender discrimination. Women are often the target of negative discrimination in almost all male-dominant societies and cultures.


Sex-based discrimination in education may encompass cases such as sexual harassment, denial of participation in certain activities or programs that may require financial aid from the government, criteria for disciplining students, housing, admissions and the like. Some colleges have limited seats for female students, while others do not equally divide the funds between male and female students. Parents must be aware of these laws and regulations to protect their children against abuse and sexual harassment in education.

One must also understand their rights concerning fair housing. According to the Fair Housing Act, a property-owner cannot refuse to rent his or her house to a woman who is pregnant based on this sole reason of rejection. In addition to this, a landlord cannot make a rental decision based on the sexual orientation of his or her tenant. This act covers all types of housing which may be rented or sold.

Discrimination between genders in employment includes illegal hiring questions asked from women during the interview, such as questions regarding the marital status of a woman, and her future plans concerning pregnancy etc. In order to use their civil rights and to raise voice against such violations, women should be aware of these gender discrimination issues.

Similarly, some organizations do not give full on-the-job benefits to their female employees. Women are entitled to equal pay for equal work based on similar educational background, experience and other parameters when compared with males. However, differential pay is allowed in certain cases where the difference is based on some other factor rather than sex.

Pregnancy discrimination in employment is a separate issue and requires a separate bill. These laws pertain to unlawful refusal to hire pregnant women because of their condition and the fact that they would soon be taking maternity leave, and asking pregnant women to work extra hours or giving too much workload knowing their condition. Health insurance must cover all pregnant related expenses just like other all health conditions. Similarly, not providing benefits to women who are on maternity leave is considered as abuse.

These are all violations of the civil rights of individuals and may have serious implications. There are many federal laws that veto gender discrimination in all of the afore-mentioned settings. These include equal opportunity of employment as well as credit for both males and females, prohibition of unlawful termination and hurdles in promotion of female employees in case of pregnancy leave, proscription of sale, rental and financing of housing based on gender inequity, and prohibition of sex discrimination in educational cases where federal funding is required or provided by the government.


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