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How To Tell If Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated | Civil-Attorneys.org

How To Tell If Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated

Civil rights are personal rights of the individuals living in a society, pertaining to freedom of speech and other privileges, and protection from illegal or negative discrimination based on race, sex, disability, age or religion. The freedom to apply for any kind of a job and to receive equal treatment in any kind of a setting is the right of each and every person regardless of their age, marital status, gender, and other characteristics. To tell if your civil rights are being violated you have to have enough information regarding your rights and liberties. A person should seek the help of a lawyer if they think their rights are being desecrated.


There are different laws related to race discrimination, gender discrimination, disability discrimination, employment discrimination and housing discrimination. These are also known as anti-discrimination laws. You should also be aware that not all violations are covered in these bills. You can plead your case in the court of law only if one of your protected rights has been violated. If discrimination is based on some other factor rather than any of the above-mentioned characteristics, it is not counted as a violation of the civil rights.

You must keep in mind that everyone is entitled to certain liberties and they may use those liberties anywhere they want, whether itís an organization, a school or a home. If an employer only wants to hire graduates of a particular college or university, it is not a violation of the civil rights because this decision is not based on sex, race or religion. Similarly, if a home-owner or landlord only wants to rent his or her apartment to non-smokers, it is again not considered as a violation.

But if the same home-owner refuses to take a pregnant woman as their tenant because of her condition, it is an infringement of the legal rights of that woman. Differentiating between rights and liberties is very important in order to know where and when your civil rights are being violated. If you think you have been a victim of harassment because of unlawful discrimination, you can file a lawsuit in civil court. Alternatively, you can also file a claim with the government.

Some people choose to settle the matter between them without having to involve the authorities. But if you decide to file a claim with the government or the law enforcing agency, the case will be probed into before making a decision in your favor. Filing a government claim is required in some cases before you could file a lawsuit in the court of law. There are several stages of a civil case from starting the case to trials and verdict.

As a first step in protecting your civil rights you must hire an attorney and find out about various alternatives that might be available. In some cases you are required to file a complaint with the concerned state agency within some specified timeframe before the lawsuit could be filed. State and federal agencies sometimes need to communicate with each other for proper investigation of the case.


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